Podcast Expo is Australia’s first podcasting and future of audio event. For anyone interesting in exploring the future of radio, audio branding, podcasting, audio advertising, or social media will find this a must-attend event for building skills and professional networks. Our speakers include top experts in broadcast media, podcasting, online radio publishers, authors, media strategists, mobile app developers, online entertainment professionals, streaming metrics, crowd-funding and social media, all gathered together to address the real issues facing our industry.

Podcast Expo and the Future of Audio

This event will assist stations, presenters, audio producers, and anyone involved in audio entertainment in examining the dynamic and rapidly changing listening landscape, and in developing long-term strategies to cultivate and adopt best-practices related to audio, technology, content development and audience engagement.

Rob Rosenthal, Lead Instructor, Transom

Rob Rosenthal is an independent producer and a teacher. He’s the host for the HowSoundpodcast – a joint project of PRX and Transom – on radio storytelling. He started and then ran the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies’ radio track for 11 years. And, he is now the lead teacher for the Transom Story Workshop, which launched in the fall of 2011. You can follow HowSound on Facebook or Twitter.  Rob will be teaching the essential aspects of podcasting by producing an episode of HowSounds live on stage.

William Martin has successfully delivered a wide variety of programs to local and national audiences, including multi-day, multi-station collaborations of Bluesfest, Byron Bay writers Festival, Mullum music festival and many other multi-day music and cultural events. William Martin co-produced the 2015 CBAA winning documentary/current events program, Memories of Sarajevo about the role of community radio during times of adversity. This program was recently awarded the bronze award in New York in The World’s Greatest Radio Programs, up against entries from professional news organizations and industry leaders from around the world.

Mr.Martin also was awarded the 2015 Best Station Production award from the CBAA.

As the producer and driving force behind the national program Star Tours, a 2 minute special feature which aired daily across Australia on the Community Radio Network, Mr.Martin has the experience of delivering a daily program, research, editing and production, in a fast-paced environment.

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