If you’ve been thinking about podcasting, nothing can compare to attending Podcast Academy – Business of Podcasting

This is the perfect opportunity to unleash the power of podcasting as part of your customer engagement strategy.

Podcast Academy – Business of Podcasting

Brisbane Power House

Business of Podcasting provides an immersive training to help you extend your communications outreach, and expand your brand awareness by using podcasting for advertising and branding, education and outreach, storytelling, media and public relations, internal communications, and on-site studio development.

What’s new:

  • Planning your Podcast Strategy
  • Script Writing
  • Effective Interview techniques
  • Finding stories and arranging
  • Gathering Interviews and action tape
  • Audio logging and writing a script
  • Editing Scripts and Voicing narration
  • Equipment and technical requirements
  • Launching your Podcast
  • Hosting & Distribution Considerations
  • Getting your podcast in iTunes
  • New and Noteworthy
  • Podcast Directories and other
  • Online distribution services
  • Growing and engaging your fan base
  • Incorporating show notes
  • Search Engines
  • Marketing your podcast
  • How to build your content archive
  • Making money and finding sponsors
  • Every company is now a media
  • Email marketing – Mail Chimp,
    Infusionsoft, Office Autopilot
  • New Platforms and Technologies
  • Making Podcast Album Art
  • Direct revenue streams
  • Podcast Metrics
  • Ad Networks
  • Special episodes
  • Paid Syndication
  • Long-Term Team development
  • Audience Engagement &
  • Building a Community
  • and more

We can help you find success in the podcasting realm with branded
content and innovative storytelling told in your own distinct style.

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