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Our goal is to recommend components and specify various system configurations in order to help you to achieve high quality audio. Each system varies in terms of cost and complexity.

Please keep in mind that components can be mixed and matched in order to create personal configurations according to your needs.

1.jpgThe Level One Entry PodcastRig™ includes the Kel Audio HM-1 mic and the Tapco mix-60 mixer.

2.jpgThe Level Two Intermediate Podcastrig™ includes the Peavey PV-8 mixer and the dbx 266XL dynamics processor.

3.jpgThe Level Three Advanced PodcastRig™ Includes the Heil Pr-30 dynamic broadcast mic and the Symetrix 528e vocal processor.

4.jpgThe Level Four Pro PodcastRig™ includes the Shure SM7B dynamic broadcast mic, the Mackie Onyx 1220 mixer, and the dbx 1066 dynamics processor.

4_rev.jpgThe Level Four Pro PodcastRig™ [Rev.1] includes the Electrovoice RE-20 industry standard dynamic broadcast mic, the Telos One Digital Telephone Hybrid, and the Aphex 240 dynamics processor.

access.jpgPodcastRigs™ Accessories: Portable gear by Marantz and Electrovoice, Headphones, Distribution Amplifiers, and Microphone accessories.

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