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Wave Arts Noise Reduction Plugins …

WaWave Arts develops/distributes excellent quality audio processing plugins including FinalPlug, their Peak Limiter/Volume Maximizer. I’ve recommended this tool to many producers who were in need of a tool that is capable of efficient average volume management. A simple threshold setting along with a user defined ceiling accomplishes loudness maximization effortlessly.

Pay close attention to the fabulous aesthetic attributes of the entire product line. Also, be sure to check out the demo movies on the site for each plugin.

Wave Arts has moved into the Noise Reduction/Restoration space. They now offer the Master Restoration Suite plugin that consists of four individual processing stages:

MR Noise [broadband NR]
MR Click [click and crackle filtering]
MR Hum [hum, buzz, and brickwall filtering]
MR Gate [expander/gate]

The cost of this suite is $499 US. Considering it’s vast array of options – it’s an excellent deal.

I have more good news: each one of the incorporated processing modules are available individually. MR Noise is priced at $349, and the remaining three check in at $99 per. These purchasing options provide the potential user with cost effective options when considering proprietary needs and workflows.

Features, Formats and Requirements:

Mono/stereo, up to 192 kHz sampling rate, 32-bit processing with 64-bit EQs.

Mac OSX [AU/RTAS/VST/MAS] UB 10.4 or later
Windows [RTAS/VST/DX] Win 2000/XP or later

Pro Tools ver. 7 required

Visit the site to download demos.

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